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Around the Coyote - February: 2004

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Chicago Artists' Collective: February - Around the Coyote

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For exhibit information, call Elizabeth @ (312) 243-4534.

The Collective returns to its Wicker Park roots for the Around the Coyote Arts Festival. Hundreds of artists exhibit in working studios, hallways, stands, park buildings, bars, and pretty much everywhere in the neighborhood. As evening sets in, the pub crawl starts and the circus begins. Collective to show work from its Winter Exhibit in DeCastro Studios, a fine space on the 3rd Floor of the Flat Iron Building. Special guest Melissa Banks, of Rapt in Maille, to host with [WIRED] jewelry designer, Melissa Kolbusz.

Exhibiting Artists: paintings by David DeCastro, David Moskow, jewelry by Melissa Banks of Rapt in Maille, paintings by Dave Pearson, oil paintings & sketches by E.K. Buckley, photographs by Sarah Beckstom, jewelry by Melissa Kolbusz of [WIRED], paintings by Ned Broderick, and metal sculpture by Tom Hughes.


Featured Painting for February I Decided to Wait by Ned Broderick

February Featured Painting by Ned Broderick