Chicago Artists' Collective: February 2004 Exhibit "Love Loves to Love Love"

Chicago Arts District Warehouse: 1826 S. Halsted Street, Chicago, IL
Features the paintings of new member Kimberly Aubuchon, the urban photography of Obleo Beck, works of hand-made paper by Sally Hughes, new paintings of desert landscapes by David Moskow, many pages from the new action-horror comic books of painter Dave Pearson, the debut of Sarah Beckstom's photographic installation The Bridesmaid Series, abstract paintings by David DeCastro, new figurative oil paintings & sketches by E.K. Buckley, PVC post-love apparel by industrial jewelry designer Melissa Kolbusz of [WIRED], three new paintings & by Ned Broderick, and metal sculpture by Tom Hughes.
Opened Friday 6-pm, Feb 13 2004, Saturday exhibits 12-5pm FEB 14, 21, 28, Closing Reception: SAT March 6
Exhibit made possible by The Chicago Arts District and Podmajersky, Inc. - Innovation in Real Estate
Photographs taken by painter David Moskow - Click on images below to view larger detail
beckstrom-01 beckstrom-02 beckstrom-03 beckstrom-04 beckstrom-05 beckstrom-06 broderick-01
broderick-02 broderick-03 broderick-04 broderick-05 broderick-06 broderick-07 broderick-08
broderick-09 broderick-10 broderick-11 buckley-01 buckley-02 buckley-03 buckley-04
buckley-05 buckley-06 buckley-07 buckley-08 buckley-09 buckley-10 buckley-11
buckley-12 buckley-13 buckley-14 buckley-15 buckley-16 buckley-17 decastro-01
decastro-02 decastro-03 kim-01 kim-02 kim-03 kim-04 kim-05
kim-06 kim-07 moskow-01 moskow-02 moskow-03 moskow-04 moskow-05
moskow-06 moskow-07 moskow-08 moskow-09 obleo-01 obleo-02 obleo-03
obleo-04 obleo-06 obleo-07 pearson-01 pearson-02 pearson-03 pearson-04
pearson-05 pearson-06 pearson-07 pearson-08 pearson-09 pearson-10 pearson-11
pearson-12 pearson-13 pearson-14 pearson-15 pearson-16 pearson-17 pearson-18
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pearson-54 pearson-55 pearson-56 s-hughes-01 s-hughes-02 s-hughes-04 s-hughes-05
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