Chicago Artists' Collective: March Exhibit "FIRE"

Chicago Arts District Warehouse: 1826 S. Halsted Street, Chicago, IL
"FIRE" features new "twig art" and fire forged sculpture of Thom Hughes, all new figurative drawings and (likely to still be wet) oil paintings by E.K. Buckley, photographic installation The Reclaimed Series by multi-media artist/photogapher, Sarah Beckstom, wood constructed shrines by painter, Dave Pearson, revisited and revamped FIRE Collection by industrial designer, Melissa Kolbusz [WIRED Jewelry], The Crosswalk Series by "Discover Art" cable access star, David Moskow, the new paperwork Frozen Fire Series by artist/writer, Sally Hughes, Imprint Series floor board transfer work by painter, David DeCastro, new detonation related oil paintings by Ned Broderick, and premiering at the Chicago Arts District Warehouse location, Charcoll artist K.C. Welch exhibiting his compulsive crystal faceted animal skulls, figurative oils and acrylics by expressionist painter, Zsofia Otvos, and Joan, (a burning at the stake) and other lusty collage work by artist Clara Batton Smith.
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