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Adam Blumberg: Press Release from most recent exhibit, "A Sense of Place"

"A Sense of Place" is a photographic investigation of bustling crossroads in American Society, the historical and the recollected, the real and the perceived, the promise and the potential. Sure, it's about the manmade landscape, but it reflects a vision of what nature presented and what man will leave behind. As seen from a motorcycle in the middle of nowhere, and captured through the lens of a medium format camera, Blumberg gives us a formal composition of simple, and sometimes stark landscapes composed of the remnants of human creation, but markedly devoid of human presence. Fresh form England's only international call for entries; Blumberg is back stateside after sharing top prize at Norwich Gallery's 12th Annual EAST international exhibition, juried by Jack Wendler and Lawrence Weiner. In his first Chicago solo exhibition, Blumberg brings us stark landscapes with a hint of class criticism without the stereotypical images form mass media. So, join us and come see how green the grass really is in the ditch along the highway, and take in the "Sense of Place."