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Megan Carr
My intentions are noble. My family is willing. But my memory is hazy, and allows falsity and fantasy to warp the concept of past. My photographs are fuzzy, reconstructed memories of a past. It is the past of 1/60 of a second ago and the past of twenty years ago. I capitalize on family events and holiday re-runs, taking advantage of the chaos. I am the product of educated parents and an educated era obsessed with prime time. Production of my images aid in the purging of the unneeded elements that allow me to win entertainment trivia games. The process rids me of the notion that, through watching TV, I know Karate.
My recent and current work address ideas of mediation and memory, and the concept of nostalgia manipulated by technological advances in family documentation. In my current work I explore home videos from the 80's frame by frame, and find new information in the recontextualization of family events. Instead of photographs gently fading in a box in the attic, weddings and sisters break dancing in the living room are rapidly degrading on 1/2-inch tape. With no church, and no real sense of ethnic heritage, I find my history in home videos.