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Matt Irie and Dominick Talvacchio are currently collaborating on a series of live performance/video pieces that couch theoretical issues in experiential terms by injecting "reality" into reality; our focus is on various kinds of social construction and hegemony, especially those involving the normative or "scripted" aspects of human interaction.

Matt Irie Artist Statement

It is best to describe my work as conceptual. The unifying factors in my practice are the ideas and the attitude with which those ideas are presented. By employing a broad range of media such as painting, drawing, writing, etc., I investigate the hierarchy of social structures that directly influence my life. An example can be found in the piece Proposal for Eisenman, in which I sent an e-mail to the art historian Stephen Eisenman and proposed that he include me in a art history survey book as a conceptual artist whose piece was convincing an art historian to include him in an art history survey book. The art I create is investigative, generative, and often rides the fine line between being ironic and sincere. It looks to present the idea that nothing is permanent and that everything is in motion and change. Through its various manifestations, my work seeks to expose the hegemony of social structures and allow for participatory inquiries into them void of hierarchical divisions.